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The modern, as well as traditional treehouse captivates visitors' attention which presents an unobtrusive design next to the Eubaupinay Castle with its glory and narrative. The generous region has been proposed based on the materialization of the solemn  and austere chivalrous rigor of the castle Ebaupinay and its glorious history. Also, the endless. unique and astonishing view that the site offers made ground for a treehouse that is in harmony with its surrounding as well as distinguishing itself as an icon in the flat and open landscape.

A single module of 65 m³ and a dual module of 95 m³ with a 30 m³ attached sauna on its side façade has been scheduled. Regional and modern materials are combined to carve the pyramid volume, made out of rigid wooden skeleton and moveable composition of folding panels. The roof and floor of both modules are formed as stairs and a function has been dedicated to each tread. Parallel to each tread, horizontally placed folding panels, made by a new introduced eco-friendly material, transparent wood, divide the functions from each other and give control of the volume inside of the modules to the user.


Besides, the wooden strips as shutters on the façade and provide privacy in relation to other modules. Furthermore, it is possible to walk from one to another volume by small bridges in between the 4 modules that are clustered and linearly oriented. This cluster represents the shape of branches and leaves of trees.


Tree House


Seher Ulusoy

Erem Sarac




June 2021

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