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Qh.Studio is a architectural and design studio founded by Kübra Harputluoglu in 2022.

She was born in the Netherlands and obtained her masters degree at Eindhoven University of Technology in Architecture, Building and Planning. During her career she obtained several experiences in Africa, USA and Europe and worked with international companies. Thereafter, she founded Qh.Studio in 2022. Recently, Kübra Harputluoglu is a member of Dutch Business Association in Turkey and taught at Beykent University in "21- "22 is developing projects on different scales, from architecture and urban design to interior and installations.​ The aim of the studio is to create future-minded, vernacular and sustainable designs. Therefore, the studio has a major focus on durability, innovation, culture and urban contexts to enhance the value of space and atmosphere. The interaction between nature,human and building are shaping our projects. Hence, an interdisciplinary and critical approach during the design process is persisted.

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