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Conceptual / Perceptual Aspects

This project is based on the concept Revealing and Concealing. On the one hand an identity, monumental, a landmark in the panorama of Podere Fedespina. While, on the other a domestic and cozy space preserving local traditions and building methods.

Wine has a deep – rooted tie with land. It has an intense relationship that is concealed. So, the aim is to reveal the whole wine making process through 5 senses of a Human being (Seeing, Hearing, Tasting, Feeling and Smelling). We all know various wine brands or have a favorite wine, although do we know how the whole journey starts? We only know the end. So, the winemaking process, that is concealed in a enclosed and monumental design, will be revealed through the moment you enter the building by our senses.

Functional Aspects

The design has 3 levels (ground, minus 1 and first floor). You enter the building via an inner courtyard, that operates also as an indoor flexible multifunctional area. In this area, you are able to smell and hear the fermentation process in the level below, the cellar.

The ground floor has been withdrawn 20 cm from the walls, so the senses seeing, hearing and maybe smelling are stimulated. Besides, most entrances of spaces have been concealed by pivot concrete doors. In this way, each space has its own story to tell and opening to a new chapter of experiencing wine.

Regarding the cellar, it has access via the elevator and stairs on the ground floor or the stairs in the back of the building. The cellar reveals the whole process of winemaking from fermentation to bottling. It functions also as a tasting room or workshop area. While you are tasting, you hear, see and feel the grapes crushed and smell it.

While the ground floor and cellar are about experiencing. The first floor provides private spaces like the office, reception area and meeting room.


Abstract Elements

Regarding the geometric from of the design, a dynamic strong gesture has been achieved, while the traditional/domestic arch type is preserved. On one side, the diagonal momentum of the roof continues down until reaching the ground and creates in this way a theater for outdoor activities with view to the vineyards.

Base volumes are subsequently divided, stretched and morphed. It is not possible to observe the curved elements in the interior, they are partly concealed, like the structure and entrances. Unless, the entrance in the back along the restaurant to the cellar. This long, mysterious gate of stairs and curved concrete wall is leading you to the secluded cellar under the ground. While you are passing by the restaurant, the double height makes possible to smell the wine, observe people enjoying their meals and hear bottles opening. When you reach the cellar, the journey has been completed or maybe just started.


Winery at Podere Fedespina


Podere Fedespina, Italy


May 2024

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