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Senegal Primary School - Kairalooro

Senegal Primary School Design

In the heart of Senegal, in Beghere village, a small primary school has embarked on a remarkable design that transubstantiates the lives of scholars and their original communities. This action not only aims to give quality education but also seeks to foster consistency and understanding among different groups of children.

The Primary School express itself as a concise design in a rural setting. In this way, it try to find a balance between open and secluded. Also, it consists of multiple spatial dialogues of public and private areas.

The design has a maximum indoor area of 650 m2, that contains 6 classrooms with an average of 25 students each, offices, laboratory area, sickroom, canteen, storage and toilets.

While the main volume serves the students, the other volumes host the private areas, like offices, sickroom, storage and teacher rooms.

Vernacular Senegal traditional architecture has been a source of inspiration during the whole design process. The curved wall, that emphasizes and add a dynamic gesture to the façade has been reinterpreted from traditional architecture of Senegal. Besides, it encloses the courtyard, that operate as a meeting space for children, parents and teachers. 

The multiple spaces are perpendicular oriented on horizontal axis and at the end of the axis, the laboratory area is situated. The laboratory is sheltered by green roof to reduce storm water runoff during wet – seasons of Senegal and to minimize the threshold between outside and inside, and to enlarge the space for recreational activities bamboo columns have been used.

To be easily achievable, a modular design and self – constructing technologies without a require of heavy vehicle and complex equipment has been aimed. The school is composed of repeating elements, that can be acclimated and arranged in colorful configurations. Through architecture, shapes and colors, the aim is to create a model that inspires confidence in the students, the community and the authorities.

Also, recycled and natural material use available in the area limit the economic - environmental impact and generate profitability in the area.

So, laterite rammed earth walls constructed as weight bearing elements and enclosure, also curved elements are adorned with adobe bricks to create game shadows.

Simplicity and vernacular architecture are principles that guide us for a proper choice of building materials of Senegal Primary School.


Kairalooro Primary School Design 


Beghere Village


July 2023

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