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Plate steel clads each element on the exterior, while maple veneer lines the interior walls. In contrast, Channel Glass Façade has been used for the Central amenities.
The way in which these materials are installed — with articulated panels and exposed fasteners — emphasizes the applied nature of the skin. This skin makes room for a ventilated air space behind it to exhaust heat through natural convection currents. From the land, the presence of the volumes goes nearly unnoticed. The use of glass create a reflection of the environment on the façade, while it create a contrast with the Corten steel units that are also blended in the environment due of their color. In this way, the Central Amenities are looking lightweight, while they are not built on stilts and have been emphasized by the contrast it creates with the units.

Corten steel is often chosen to help buildings withstand nature; an arid desert climate. The low alloy steel is a resilient skin for architecture living under challenging conditions. Corten steel is also chosen to help buildings live alongside nature. The Corten develops a healthy patina of colors from a rusty orange burnish to a textured silvery glaze letting it sink in/ blend or stand out.


A blended resort in the desert along the Pacific Ocean


Baja, California


April 2024

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