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CASA LINDADA is an house for a family of 6 that won the 2nd prize with its design in an international architecture competition.


During the design process it was crucial to create a modern concrete home with floor to ceiling windows and an open basement. The entire area of the house is 650 m2.

Materials like concrete with fine details and wood have been used in the design. The large windows with thin frames, wood in the façade and indoor courtyards merge this design with its context and welcomes green from the environment. Besides, the roof design exists of a window that catches beautiful sunlight to enlighten the living room while people are sitting on the sofa.

I tried to keep every detail mentioned by the client in mind, like no entrance from the outside to the rooms of the children due to security reasons, soaking pools in the landscape design and creating an open kitchen with dining area.

Regarding the program of this house, it has an symmetric plan that exist of 3 volumes. In the middle you have the main volume that contains the living room, courtyard and open kitchen, while on the left and right side you will find the indoor courtyards (sun rooms), master rooms, bedrooms for children and a play room.

First of all an indoor courtyard is welcoming visitors and via a sliding door you come into a sun room that has access to the living room with open kitchen (main volume) and a right wing of master rooms and offices (2nd volume). The playroom and bedrooms for the children are oriented on the left wing of the main volume and have only access via the sun room due to security reasons. Although, the left wing is still catching view and green through wooden columns in the facade and blocking at the same time view and access from the outside as requested by the client.

Regarding basement, it contains of a garage, gym, 2nd living room and two guest rooms with view on the backyard.

As mentioned the house is oriented on a sloped landscape and has an open basement with an enormous overhang and tremendous view on the backyard with a huge tree, firepit and open kitchen. Besides, two soaking pools and wooden columns along the façade of the left wing has been designed to again block access from the outside to the playroom and bedrooms for the kids.

So a design that reduces the threshold, evokes simplicity and is embedded in its context has been aimed during the design process.


Private House




January 2023

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