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Sand, Sky and Sea. To draw inspiration from the existing landscape is not an uncommon design approach, though one decidedly more challenging if the plot in question consists mostly of dry, flat earth apart from the occasional shrub. Using rammed earth made from local dirt, CASA EL MAR has
been constructed as a house from the land than on the land.


So, materials such as rammed earth and tadelakt as well as water and courtyards has been used to keep indoor temperatures mild in every season. Tadelakt is made from lime plaster and is water-repellent. A modern and efficient insulator as well as a durable material. As mentioned, rammed earth made from local dirt has been used on the façade. The excavated dirt that has been pressed, express the layers of the earth on the façade and in this way the design has a direct relationship with its context.

So, a sustainable, modern CASA merged with its context has been aimed during the design process.


Sea House

1ST PHASE - Design Process

Kubra Harputluoglu 

Selkan Solmaz Ercel

2ND PHASE - Design Process

by Qh.Studio


Jumeirah Bay,Dubai


July 2022

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