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Black Scott House 

Ramme earth and dark wood in combination with concrete has been used. Rammed earth ensures greater thermal and acoustics comfort. Warm home in the winter and a cool home in the summer.  Most notably, rammed earth structures use local materials, meaning they have low embodied energy and produce little waste.

Besides, black/grey dark wood has been used because its boldy minimal presence is consciously conceived to offer a strong contrast to the organic softness of the rock formations extending far beyond where th eye can see. The sharp geometric edges stand against nature's backdrop as if to admit the imitation would have done the natural landscape's justice. The house features black walls/ roof and high gloss anthreacite steel window frames running through both the exterior and interior, only interrupted by large floor to ceiling window panels, which give recognized attention to the colourful brightness of desert.

Regarding the plan of the house, a small indoor garden is welcoming you before the main entrance (by a pivot door). An area before the real entrance creates security. This area serves also as a mud room. There after a media room and great room with open kitchen is welcoming you. On the left and right side of the great and media room are the master bedroom and den/rec/office/guest room organized. The west facade (from the entrance right wing) contains a storage, pantry, dining room with view to the Black Mountain and a small hallway to the master bedroom (with again a view to the Black Mountain) with a walk - in wardrobe and bathroom with only a walk in shower as wanted. On the left wing you have the master bedroom (with view to the Black Mountain) with again walk in wardrobe and bathroom. The rec/office/ den/ guest room has also own bathroom and walk in wardrobe. So all rooms are big and have own patio. The guest/ den/ rec room have the front garden. You can reach the garden by the sliding window doors. Also both master bedrooms have their own patios on the south and great view as well.​


Winter Retirement House


Scottsdale, Arizona


March 2023

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